Released for user: 13.05.2021


  • Enhanced logic of worktype definition translations and image content management (externalized)
  • Redesigned UI for the implant position information setup
  • Improved implant position library handling, support of extended naming of library folders
  • Improved News details page
  • New setting in the group order details page to control the behaviour if the pdf should be opened after it is generated
  • Archived, Deleted projects can be opened in a read only mode
  • On the user Order overview page the navigation to the projects is extended to be able to navigate to archived projects too
  • Improved logic to remember the Machine type selection in treatment setup
  • “Open in explorer” opens the folder in the Windows Explorer in the foreground
  • Enhanced ordering of the apps in the Apps overview page (using also if the app is add-on information)
  • User account menu extended with Helpdesk, Settings and Help menu items
  • Simplified UI of Organizations and Groups, the system identifier (former nickname) is displayed only in the Details section
  • Simplification of the UI for the end customers of the milling centers, by conditionally hiding the obsolete (for the end customer) menu items of the Organization menu

Bug fixes

  • Fixed ZeyOs synchronization of forwarded orders
  • Fixed billing address issue for customers belonging to resellers
  • Fixed issues in the article import
  • Fixed issue in group Order details page, on navigation between orders via arrow keys the “Order pickup by customer” got – lost
  • Fixed broken (in special case) autodelete function of storage space for milling centers
  • Fixed App details page, showed incorrect list of related versions