Released for privileged user: 30.07.2021


  • Partial delivery of orders – orders can be split to several shipments, based on the handling time of the articles
  • Estimated delivery date introduced to the orders, based on the handling time necessary to produce articles and run the related processes -(e.g. quality control) an information is displayed when the given order is ready for shipment
  • Advanced delivery options for forwarded orders, it can be specified for a forwarded order, which milling center delivers the order to the end customer
  • Improved printout generation, performed on server side
  • Enhanced organization name display in application title bar (using more user friendly display name of instead unique identifier)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in organization – member setup
  • Fixed issue in delivery tax calculation for orders with undefined pricelist for end customer
  • Fixed issue of license activation for dongle protected modules
  • Fixed issue of UWP Apps launch from Apps overview page
  • Fixed issue in projects view, special case handled – not project recognized as project
  • Fixed issue with empty add-ons list, in special case the list of add-ons was empty
  • Fixed issue with material exchange dialog, it was coming up even there were no other teeth with the exchanged material
  • Fixed issue in order flyout (displaying a warning, list of teeth with missing setup). The teeth numbering here was always using FDI, and not the selected dental notation from the settings.
  • Fixed issue within order details, not correctly handled flag “Provide printouts only in electrical form”

Known issues

  • Non UWP apps cannot be launched from Apps overview page