Released 06.07.2021


  • Material exchange on a treatment offers exchange of similar material on tooth/bridge/project level
  • Order number is displayed in the order details too
  • Enhanced check of design data when placing an order (based on the construction info content)
  • Enhanced logic of file renaming when manually setup construction info within the construction data overview page (to enable setup construction info for 3Shape cases from scratch – renaming with postfix “_cad” is not happening anymore in such case)
  • Improvement in the exchange customer feature – the customer is preselected (makes easier to exchange only shipping address for example)
  • Ordering extended to automatically upload additional files necessary for production (to handle correctly cases generated by BDCreator)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in article mapping upload
  • Fixed issue missing feedback on uploading group setup data (upload of articles, specific mapping, worktype definition) – preventing the server to run timeout issue
  • Fixed issue with group worktype definition deletion
  • Forwarding option is displayed only if contacts for forwarding are setup
  • Fixed UI issue (x:Null displayed) in Organization order overview
  • Fixed issues on model ordering (screenshots were not generated in some cases, prevented successful upload)
  • Fixed issue in worktype definition exchange when some material or worktype was not existing in the exchanged worktype definition
  • Fixed import and migration problem (incorrect worktype definition information was written to the project when the default worktype definition was not compatible with the imported/migrated project)