Released for privileged user: 15.12.2021


  • Improved offer page, possible to create/edit addresses
  • Extend order details with customer contact person email address
  • Warning introduced when placing/receiving orders where the CAD crashed during the design (the CAD must support that writes the crash notation to the construction info/model info)
  • Order/production data marked with an exclamation mark if the data was modified outside the CAD environment
  • Improved implants library handling, compatibility to support new folder naming
  • Enhanced feedback about Order Form, Declaration of Conformity generation on server side
  • Enhanced invitation functionality, Production centers can invite Customers to register and download the software or use web ordering
  • Naming changes of Organization to Company and Group to Production Center
  • Possibility to invite customer organization (by defining one or more users of the organization)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue, prevent application crash when a material in the worktype definition is misconfigured
  • Fixed UI issue in specific mapping editor
  • Fixed issue in Production Center Download folder picking
  • Fixed UI issues in the storage page overview
  • Fixed issues in storage size calculations
  • Fixed issue in sales tax computation in a special case
  • Fixed issue addons were not available in a special case, when having reseller and undefined pricelist
  • Fixed UI issue concerning opening the declaration of conformity document
  • Fixed refresh issue on exchanging customer in a placed order
  • Fixed issue that flyout was not automatically closed when deleting member of Company
  • Fixed issue in import of translations
  • Fixed issue that under specific conditions was not possible to save addresses
  • Fixed issue crash in order details view, when data file had no extension
  • Fixed issue that for some worktypes types the scanner could not be started
  • Fixed issue that Company could not be created for new customers (button to finalize creation stayed disabled)

Known issues

  • Non UWP apps cannot be launched from Apps overview page