Released for user: 07.06.2021


  • Improved performance of the order and project views (causing also general speedup of the application)
  • Enhanced functionality of ordering on milling center side, customer can be exchanged on a placed order by milling center members
  • Specific article mapping, added UI in the Manager for easier management of the mapping
  • Model ordering capability added
  • Enhanced handling of 3Shape cases
  • UI enhancement of the User Contacts page
  • Simplified user/group storage page view
  • Applied worktype and material displayed in tooltips (on hover over tooth) in project treatment view
  • UI simplification: third party application launch buttons show up on the sidebar only if they are installed
  • Showing download progress in the apps overview on the given tile
  • Enhanced Add-on selection page, the selection is presented in a more understandable way for the end customer

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in project creation
  • Fixed issue in organization creation (leaving the display name empty and switching focus to other control)
  • Fixed UI issue in offer page (Order status None is not displayed anymore)
  • Fixed help link displayed on flyouts even if not defined
  • Fixed issue of missing grouping of articles when ordering bridges
  • Fixed issue that after crash is not possible to login
  • Fixed UI issue in the Upload flyout
  • Fixed UI issue that reseller information not always displayed in customers overview page
  • Fixed broken search within the projects client related part