Released for user: 19.05.2021


  • Improved speed and memory footprint of the application
  • Improved startup of the application, improved speed of startup and displaying animation during the loading
  • Enhanced treatment setup functionality, avoids to generate conflicting setup of treatments (like invalid combination of treatments on a given tooth, for example coping and crown)
  • Enhanced functionality for missing tooth without space treatments (treatment defined in ZFX Workparams 1.2)
  • UI changes in Settings Info page

Bug fixes

  • Fixed navigation issue (navigation broken to quality control page) within the Order details page
  • Fixed implant position information is not correctly shifted vertically in a special case (the positioning was not dynamically updated)
  • Fixed issue within notification removal (removal of one notification caused removal of several notifications)
  • Fixed worktype preselection in the Project info flyout
  • Fixed UI bug in multi die treatment setup page