Internal Released Date: 01.03.2021

Released Date: tbd…


  • Redesign of the Apps overview page
  • Possibility to protect App download with a license key check
  • Notification number displayed on the Apps icon, to show the number of Apps where an update or upgrade is available
  • Apps enhanced with Article number for easier identification within web shops
  • Enhanced formatting option for Declaration of Conformity printout. Possibility to change font weight within the text by enclosing the text with tags <b>…</b>. Controllable from Groups Translations import function.
  • Enhanced speed of orders creation
  • Enhanced speed of order placement when ordering in name of customers
  • New project setting “Color Scheme” and “Tooth Color”, “Tooth Color” import and export to dentalproject format supported
  • Introduced special control to select/deselect all teeth, or teeth belonging to half of a jaw
  • Download notification enhanced with project information
  • Displaying the information who checked out the given order in Groups order details section
  • User order overview extended with a navigation to active projects (the functionality for (not permanently) deleted or archived is planned for next releases)
  • Enhanced feedback to inform why an Organization cannot be created (for example exists an Organization with the same name)
  • Usability enhancement: hide advanced menu items within Organization menu for Organizations without Groups
  • Minor UI enhancements in account, news page, notification flyout, project page flyout
  • Unification of date formats used within the application in different places
  • Introduced decimal separator setting to control the csv export behaviour for “Order Export” functionality
  • Enhanced Groups order related exports to filter the export for a given time period
  • Enhanced logic to import/export Groups related csv files to handle different type of column separators (when exporting, writing the separator info to the exported csv)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problems in Group exports
  • Fixed problem with correct language usage in printout generation when print started from order details page (and not from the “Print advanced…” flyout)
  • Fixed issue to display all Sharing partners
  • Fixed problem with passwords containing Unicode characters, new restrictions introduced
  • Fixed add on refresh issue on offer page
  • Fixed issue that after upload of project the manager sometimes closed itself
  • Fixed “Show password” behaviour for login
  • Fixed an issue in Group Customers contact requests that sometimes it is not displayed under correct category