General information

Release notes are documents that are shared with end users, customers and clients of an organization. This document is usually circulated only after the product or service is thoroughly tested and approved against the specification provided by the development team.

Release notes contain test results and information about the test procedure.

Release notes are written by  Project Development Lead, Project Manager, or developers.

Who can use this software version?

Anyone who is entitled to software updates: That is, if the Software was purchased less than a year ago, or if an update contract has been purchased that covers the current period.


Your use of the Software is governed by the terms of the Agreement with which you have agreed to the installation and with which you have purchased a license for the Software. You are not authorized to use the software unless you have properly purchased a license from Merz Dental or its licensed distributors.


This product is copyrighted worldwide. Unauthorized copying or unauthorized distribution of this product or any part thereof is punishable. This is prosecuted both under criminal and civil law and can result in severe penalties and damages claims.