For seamless data flow between practice, laboratory and milling center

The ZAnGeSa Manager 360° helps dentists, dental laboratories and milling centers to digitally map and optimize the workflow of creating dentures and treating patients. The data exchange of scan and design data takes place via the ZAnGeSa Share 360 ​​° platform, which allows a seamless, digital workflow. So you always have 100% control over all processes of all treatment steps.

ZAnGeSa Manager 360°

The ZAnGeSa Manager 360 ° can be installed on any number of computers via the download link provided to you. The manager allows you to manage projects for creating treatments or dental orders as well as controlling the system components on your machine (3D scanners, CAD and CAM software).

After registering a ZAnGeSa user account, there is also a digital communication platform with many possibilities:

  • Configuration and order creation
  • Automatic costing
  • Data upload to the ZAnGeSa cloud
  • Control of the milling center
  • Statistical evaluations

How do I get a ZAnGeSa account?

All customers who have installed the ZAnGeSa Manager can use the ZAnGeSa Share 360 ​​° light license free of charge. Registering a user account through the manager activates that license, opening up the ability to communicate with many other dentists, laboratories and milling centers that are part of the network.